Please note this website is based on the 2012 Australian guidelines for CVD risk management. Revised 2023 guidelines are available at

Online CVD Guidelines

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Enhanced Guidelines

The online Australian CVD risk assessment and management guidelines have been linked to evidence summaries and patient resources via the following webpages:

  • Risk assessment algorithm
  • Management guidelines for patients at:
    • low risk
    • moderate risk
    • high risk
  • Resources: view/rate evidence summaries & patient information
  • FAQ: explains how the website content was developed & the evidence behind the risk calculator and intervention estimates
  • QI&CPD exercise: view/discuss patient cases & register for an audit and feedback exercise (currently in development)

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Patient Risk Calculator

A new interactive version of the Australian 5 year CVD risk calculator to guide discussion about management options and create patient decision aids:

  • Patient risk calculator based on 2012 National Vascular Disease Prevention Alliance (NVDPA) guideline algorithms
  • Results shown on a graph to explain current risk and future risk in 10 years if nothing changes
  • Interactive decision aid to explore effect of different lifestyle and medication options on risk
  • Printable risk report and decision aid for patients (choose 1 selected option, or all 9 options)

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